Stop Dwelling on Negative Thoughts


When we are being asked to not think about something we tend to think about it and it becomes more hard to get that topic out of our mind. Bringing that negative thought over and over again could make things unpleasant and can lead to depression. Womanlight brings techniques that can help stop dwelling on negative thoughts and refocus mind on positive thoughts.

1. Positive Company:

Your friend circle, social circle has greater impact on your thinking. Others thoughts and feelings can have impact on your thoughts. Company of people who talk negative could lead to depression, so try to have company of positive people and share positive thoughts to distract your mind from negativity.


2. Cup of Tea:

Physical warmth can quickly heel from negative and lonely feeling. Same way having a cup of tea brings comfort of warmth and helps us to heel from negative thoughts.


3. Shopping:

One of the more prominent method tried by everyone when they feel down is going for shopping. Train your brain to think different and avoid thinking about loneliness or negative thoughts. Think of something which makes you happy or gives your positive energy.


4. Throw Them Away:

Write down your thoughts in paper and throw them away to feel relaxed. Research has proved that people who tried this method were able to feel relaxed and positive than who kept things in their mind.


5. Re frame Situation:

If you feel you tried various ways but still wandering on those negative thoughts then try to rethink about it again. In every situation instead of thinking of negative or wrong point concentrate on positives.


Try these ways to defeat your negative thoughts and enjoy healthy and fun filled life. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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