Mosaic Tray with Broken Plates

Have broken plates in house and thinking of throwing them away? We can use the broken plates to make some nice decorative items like mosaic tray.

Let’s start making amazing decorative mosaic trays using waste items.

Items needed:

Old plates
Kitchen towel
Tray with lip
Ice cream stick
Rubber grout float
Acrylic tile grout
Thin-Set pre-mixed ceramic tile mortar


1. Gather bright and cheerful print broken pieces of plates.

2. Arrange pieces in a pattern on the tray surface.

3. Collect thickest plate fragment and using the ice cream stick apply thin-set to the bottom. Press it back onto its spot on the tray. Let it dry overnight.

4. Anchor all other pieces as well.

5. Apply grout between the tiles and use float to spread the grout. Remove excess part with sponge and let it dry.

6. Carefully see the surface of the mosaic for any rough spots or sharp tiles and use metal file to fill it.

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