Tips To Care For Feet

Walking, using of high heels and many more things which we do to our feet. We pay very little attention to care about them and which leads to cracked feet, foot pain etc.

No need to spend on spa treatment, instead taking care of it for few minutes, wearing right shows etc can help feet to get relaxed and relieves the pain.

Womanlight brings few tips to take care of your feet.

1. Wash feet properly:

Always make it point to keep feet clean by washing it carefully and regularly using soap and dry them completely even between toes to avoid problems like bacteria, fungus, bad odor etc.

2. Moisturize Feet:

After every wash and in winter remember to moisturize the feet.

3. Change shoes and socks alternate day:

Remember to change socks and shoes on alternate days to avoid foot odor and infections.

4. Use mild solution for washing feet:

Remove usage of Epsom salt for washing feet as they make feet dry. Instead try using warm water with a mild skin softening solution.

5. Use right shoes:

Always choose shoes which are comfortable for feet. Tight shoes could cause pain, distort toe shape etc. Choose proper high heels (wide and stable), toe boxes be wide.

6. Pregnancy, diabetes and aging affects:

Pregnant women should use shoes with arch support, shock absorbency and broad heel to give support. Older women should choose shoes with shock protection as people lose cushioning fat with age. Diabetics can also develop and issues with feet and lower legs.

Apart from these tips always remember to check feet for any problems daily to avoid major problems.

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